ClimEx Handbook

The handbook of standardized methods in climate change studies (ClimEx Handbook) provides detailed descriptions of standardised methods for measuring a broad range of response variables in terrestrial ecosystems, with a focus on plant communities and the organisms they interact with. It contains 66 protocols (539 pages) divided into 5 chapters (appendices to the MEE paper):

  • site characteristics and data management
  • carbon and nutrient cycling
  • water cycling
  • species and interactions
  • stress physiology.

In each protocol, we describe which response variables should be measured broadly across studies to facilitate data re-use, synthesis, and upscaling, using a Gold standard and, if applicable, we offer minimal requirement Bronze standards. We discuss special cases, emerging issues, and challenges that address adaptations needed for specific systems or situations and new methods under development. Finally, we give guidance on additional variables that should be measured more widely to improve inter-site and inter-study comparisons and model–experiment interactions.